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To see Ethiopian Public Health Institute as a place where gender equality is a reality

To provide policy guidance, coordinate, facilitate, monitor and evaluate gender equality, women’s empowerment, the rights of persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups

• Contribute to and strengthen the promotion of gender equality including gender mainstreaming and gender-based violence,
• Fight against discrimination based on sex,
• Empowering female staffs of the institute to fully participate in decision making,
• Creating favorable environment that makes possible full participation of female staffs of the institute, and
• Ensuring gender equality in the institute.

Major activities:
• Monitoring the institute policy/legislation, plans, programs, projects, guidelines etc. as gender sensitive,
• Ensuring gender relevant national policies and guidelines are implemented in the institute,
• Raising the institute staff’s awareness on gender issues,
• Creating conducive gender friendly environment,
• Increasing participation of women in decision making, and
• Empowering women by providing free education and training access.