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Presentations (January 14/2016)

birara Melese

Presenter- Birara Melese

Title- National Nutrition Program Research Finding
File Type- [PDF]
File Size- [2.41MB]


Presenter- Girmay Ayana

Title-Linkages Between Health and Agriculture Sectors In Ethiopia
File Type- [PDF]
File Size- [1.99MB]



Presenter- Desalegn Kuche

Title-A Feasibility Study Examining SURE Implementation in Basona Worana Woreda, Amhara region, Ethiopia
File Type- [PDF]
File Size- [2.3MB]


Aregash Samuel

Presenter- Aregash Samuel

Title- Updates on MNP effectiveness study 
File Type- [PDF]
File Size- [4.38MB]



Presenter- Kifle Habte

Title-Physicochemical and nutritional profile of commonly consumed edible oils in Addis Ababa; and their health implications, Ethiopia
File Type- [PDF]
File Size- [1.55MB]



Presenter- Temesgen Aweke

Title- Ethiopian National Food Composition Table Updating and Revision
File Type- [PDF]
File Size- [4.77MB]