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Presentations (January 15/2016)

Presenter- Girma Mengistu
Title: Formulation of improved complementary foods of infants and young children (6-23 mo) for the pastoralist community of Ethiopia
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Presenter- Tesfaye Hailu
Title: Effectiveness of Chickpea based Ready-to-use-Supplementary Feeds, Super Cereal, and Super Cereal PLUS for Management of Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM) 
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Presenter- Dr Endale Amare
Title: Effect of popping and fermentation on starch fractions, starch digestibility, rheological property of Amaranthus caudatus grain 
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Presenter- Zemenu Kerie
Title #1: Development of Macaroni from Blends of Wheat (Triticum aestivum), Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and Soybean (Glycine max) Flours 
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Title #2: Development of Potential Food Products in Achieving Food and Nutrition Security of Households at Hawassa Zuria Woreda 
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PresenterMelese Sinaga 
Title: Association of Fasting Animal Source Foods With Metabolic Syndrome and Body Composition among Employees Of Jimma University 
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Presenter- Motuma Admasu
Title: Nutrient Density and Adequacy of Homemade Complementary Foods for Children of age 6 – 23 months in Food Insecure Woredas of Wolayita Zone, Southern Ethiopia 
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Presenter- Molla Deribie
Title: The Heckman model of dietary diversity score:the case of Akaki Small-Scale Irrigation Scheme
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Presenter- Menen Zegeye
Title: Development of Maize Based Orange – Fleshed Sweet Potato Flat Bread for Lactating Mothers at Hawassa Zuria Woreda, SNNPRS, Ethiopia 
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Presenter- Legese Petros
Title: Comparative Study of the Nutritional Status of Preschool Children from Households with and without Home gardening in Wondogenet Woreda,southern Ethiopia 
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Presenter- Dr. Thilagavathi
Title: The Effect of Simple Dehydration Methods On The Quality Of Selected Banana Varieties A Comprehensive Study
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Presenter- Dr. Gudina Egata
Title #1: Seasonal Changes in the Prevalence of Food Insecurity among Rural Households in East Ethiopia: A Longitudinal Panel Study
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Title #2: Magnitude of overweight and obesity and associated factors among first cycle primary school children in DireDawa town, Eastern Ethiopia
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Presenter- Demeke Teklu
Title: Optimization of Time and Temperature for Smoking of Nile Tilapia for a Better Preservation of Protein andGross Energy Value
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Presenter- Abel Ahmed
Title: Assessment of Dietary diversity among pregnant and lactating women and 6 to 23 months age children, in rural areas of western Gojjam, Amhara Region
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Presenter- Wude Beyene
Title- Title: Nutritional Status and Associated Factors in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infected Children in Hawassa University Referral Hospital Hawassa City, SNNPR ,Ethiopia
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Presenter- Taddese Alemu
Title: Maternal Food Taboos, Dietary Habits and Cultural Beliefs of Weight Gain During Pregnancy in Rural Central Ethiopia
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Presenter- Medhanit Wube
Title: Impact of Perma-garden Intervention on Household Vegetable Consumption and Income
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Presenter- kokeb Tesfamariam
Title: Pre-ART nutritional status and its association with mortality in adult patients enrolled on ART at Fiche Hospital in North Shoa, Oromia Region, Ethiopia:Afive year retrospective cohort study (2006-2013)
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Presenter- Dr. Yewelsew Abebe
Title: Improving IYCF Through Social and Behavior Change Approach
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Presenter- Dr. Gudina Egata
Title: Magnitude of overweight and obesity and associated factors among first cycle primary school children in DireDawa town, Eastern Ethiopia
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Presenter- Dedessa Gemeda
Title- Prevalence and associated factors of zinc deficiency among high school adolescents in Gambella town, Southwest Ethiopia, 2015
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Presenter- Bogale Tessema
Title- The Role of Fasting in Children Among Orthodox Christian Communities 
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Presenter- Amare Birhanu
Title- Prevalence and Factors Associated with Anemia Among Pregnant Women Attending ANC in Governmental Health Institutions, Hawassa City, Southern Ethiopia 
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Presenter- Alemneh Kabeta
Title-Effect of Community Based Management of Acute Malnutrition Integrated Nutrition Education on Infant and Young Child Feeding Knowledge and Practice of Mothers or Caregiver 
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