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cdcA two days validation workshop (Jan 22-23,2020) which focuses on the pilot self-assessment of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) on its score, key strength, challenges and recommendations, has been opened today at the EPHI training center.
Dr.Ebba Abate, Director General of EPHI, opened the workshop and addressed the participants referring Ethiopia’s pivotal role on the establishment of African Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) whose objective is to address African problems through African solutions.
Dr Ebba then explained that EPHI has been selected by Africa CDC to conduct a self-assessment by applying a score card. He also told the steps and processes applied to do the EPHI self- assessment. EPHI has been selected as the second Public Health Institute (PHI) next to Nigeria to evaluate its institutional status, identify the gaps and assess the priorities.
He said that Africa CDC has developed a score card and EPHI composed a team to do the self -assessment based on the Africa CDC score card. The team critically evaluated the key points that are included in the score card, as Dr Ebba said, this is highly helpful to EPHI. He also expressee his feeling that EPHI highly welcomes the initiative and proud to be evaluated by the African CDC score card.
Dr Raji Tajudeen, head of the Public Health Institutes and research, from Africa CDC, also explained the importance of the score card in assessing the daily routines and resource utilization. As EPHI is one of the leading institutions in the African continent, the score card enables the institution to strengthen its capacity through the results of the self-assessment done by the team.
The self-assessment is done by different functional areas, such as surveillance and disease control, information systems, lab system and networks, preparedness and response, public health research and institutes, legislation, finance, workforce, strategic plan and its structure.
The first preliminary self -assessment results will be discussed validated in this workshop and site visits will be conducted as part of the self- assessment activity.cain2