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InitiationThe last negotiation and discussion to build and equip BSL3 + Lab complex, laboratory maintenance center, EQA panel production center, Bio bank and modern warehouse at the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) was settled last week at the presence of the relevant government bodies.The project worth 150 million USD.
According to Dr. Ebba Abate, Director General of EPHI The initiative which will have regional spill over effect through Africa Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) includes construction and equipping laboratories, capacity building activities and also expansions.
"The final document will be submitted to the World Bank on December 10, 2019 for final endorsement," added Dr. Ebba.
The initiative which has been discussed and negotiated upon for more than a year and half time includes constructing and equipping 15 new laboratories in various regions of Ethiopia, equipping 8 labs in the regions which are under construction, strengthening the Public
Health Emergency Management system, strengthening the National AMR Program and expansion of National and Regional Data Management Center and ICT infrastructure.
This last discussion and negotiation was attended by a team from Ministry of Health including State Minister Health Dr. Lia Tadesse, a team from Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation led by Its Director of International Finance Institutions Cooperation Ms. Yasmin Wuhabrebbi, World Bank team led by Its senior Economist Dr. Patricia Geli and EPHI's team led by Its Director General.