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sudanThe former South Sudan’s Minister of Health, Dr. Luka Monoja along with ten delegates visited the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) on October 1, 2019 in order to share EPHI’s long years experience for the intended Public Health Institute to be established in South Sudan.
The strategic performance of EPHI, the challenges and the way they were handled, the budget allocated to EPHI by the government and funds from projects and how they are evaluated, budgets from projects and the experience in Public Health Emergency Management (PHEM) were the points raised in the discussion.
EPHI’s staffs have explained and addressed the raised questions including the structure of EPHI and its laboratories.
The delegates have visited EPHI’s HIV/TB, Nutrition and PHEM Laboratories.
Currently Dr. Luka is Head of the Health Committee at National Transitional Legislative Assembly Chair of Steering Committee for the Establishment of South Sudan’s National Public Health Institute.sudan 2