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policyThe Policy Question Formulation (PQF) stakeholder’s consultative workshop has been conducted on September 24, 2019 at the Ethiopian Public Health’s (EPHI) training center.
Ato Masresha Tessema, Acting Director of the Food Science and Nutrition Research Directorate (FSNRD) gave an opening remark. In his speech he stressed the involvement and significance of stakeholders on policy question formulation in supporting the process of policy and decision making. He also urges the active participation of stakeholder in the workshop.
Dr. Aregash Samuel, vice director of the FSNRD gave an introductory remark on NIPN and the activities done so far.
Ato Dessalegne Kuche, EPHI researcher, explained the policy question formulation steps and progresses that the NIPN team is going through and Anne Bossuyt, senior Policy advisor at IFPRI, also explained the assessment on the initial questions.
During the workshop over 20 initial policy relevant questions were discussed and participants also categorize and merge those questions in to similar groupings for ease of further analysis