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capacity 1A training was organized by the Ethiopian Public Health Institute’s (EPHI) Bacterial, Parasitic, and Animal Diseases Research Directorate in collaboration
with the Ministry of Health (MoH). The Training focused on the prevention and eradication of malaria by securing optimum results of laboratory examination.
The capacity building training was given to laboratory technicians drawn from all regions from August 16 -20, 2019 in Adama at Dire International Hotel.
Capacitating the service quality of laboratory examination of malaria and prescribing the right medicine and improving public health services were some
of the objectives of the training.
EPHI’s researcher, Dr. Adugna Woyessa, gave his opening remark during the training and said that the training will contribute a lot in improving microscopic
examination for better tackling malaria eradication at national level. The training will upgrade the knowledge of laboratory technicians with regards to the
microscopic examination.
Ato Mebrahtom Hayle, team leader of malaria prevention and control unit of MoH on his part said that malaria is still public health challenge in the country.
"The training is one of the main programs of MOH and expected to fill the skill/capacity gap that has been seen among the laboratory technicians in screening
malaria and contribute to a better control and eradication of malaria" added Ato Mebrahtom.
The trainees will be assigned in identifying skill gaps and challenges and will train other lab technicians in health institutions after the training.
The training covered practical engagements in microscopic malaria screening, information treatment and data collection systems.
A total of 26 laboratory technicians attended the training.capacity 2