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antrax cThe workshop on Multi-Sectoral Anthrax Prevention & Control Strategy Status Review, & mult-sectoral
Joint Annual Action Plan Planning which was organized by the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI)
and USAID (Human Resource for Health in 2030 (HRM))was held from August 22 – 23, 2019 came up
with a draft joint annual action plan.
According to Dr. Baye Ashenafi, Deputy A/Director of EPHI’s Bacterial, Parasitology and Zoonosis
Diseases Research Directorate and chairperson of anthrax TWG, the workshop aimed to overview the
implementation status of multi sectoral Anthrax prevention and control strategy and identified gaps in
2018/19, and develop multi sectoral Anthrax prevention and control annual action plan for the current
2012 EC fiscal year.
The National Anthrax Prevention and control strategic plan for Ethiopia 2018- 2030 and Review of
Anthrax Strategic plan 2012 EC Annual plan for joint implementation was presented and discussed upon
on the meeting.
Dr. Feyissa Regassa, from EPHI’s Center for Public Health Emergency Management and also chair of the
One Health Steering Committee said that the National Anthrax Prevention and Control Strategic plan
should be well communicated within the sector.
As it is known Anthrax is the second deadly zoonotic disease second to Rabies as per the recent zoonotic
diseases prioritization conducted in Ethiopia.
Federal & Regional Offices, development partners have participated on the workshop.antrax b