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nipn33tThe fourth NIPN Nutrition Research and Policy Seminar on the topic “Animal sourced food and nutrition outcomes” kicked off at the EPHI training center.
The National Information Platform for Nutrition (NIPN) hosted its fourth seminar on March 7,2019 at the EPHI training center. Ato Solomon Eshetu, researcher and coordinator of NIPN project, gave an opening remark.
After the opening, Dr. Kalle Hirvonen from International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) presented on the topic “Animal sourced foods and child stunting”.

Dr. Kalle clarified that Stunting affects 160 million pre-school children globally with adverse life-long consequences. While work within nutritional science suggests that stunting in early childhood is associated with low intakes of animal-sourced foods (ASFs). There is an evidence of strong associations between stunting and a generic ASF consumption indicator, as well as dairy, meat/fish, and egg consumption indicators, and evidence that consuming multiple ASFs is more advantageous than any single ASF.

Silvia Alonso from ILRI also presented on the topic “The influence of livestock-derived foods on nutrition during the first 1,000 days of life”. Silvia highlights the ‘clear nutritional benefits’ of providing infants with livestock-derived foods (LDF), particularly in Africa and South Asia where undernutrition is highest. She also discusseed the health and environmental externalities derived from increased global LDF consumption and presented recommendations to enhance the benefits from their increased consumption in low and middle-income countries (LMIC).

A lot of question and answer session offered a lively discussion to the seminar. About 45 participants from different sectors and organization, research centers and academic institutions attended the seminar.