new NPHTC Buliding

Excellency in public Health workforce capacity building!

National public health training center constructed in collaboration with CDC-E and federal ministry of health with close follow up by EPHI.Federal ministry of health developed national health quality strategy to transform the quality of health care service in Ethiopian. Consequently, national public health training center (NPHTC) will enhance workforce performance by improving their knowledge, skill, and attitude.Fundamental job of training center is working on institutionalizing & standardizing of pre-service training through assessment on both organizational & individual levels, so designing training strategies to address identified gaps.

The training center has one training auditorium, which can accommodate 500 participants and one conference hall, which accommodate 150-200 participants. It also has six comfortable breakout room (Syndicate Rooms) which can accommodate 377 participants.Internet service is other part of training center, which makes more comfortable the training center for both trainee and trainers.