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Legal Status

In 1996 EC the Institute has been re-established by an act of Ministers Regulation No.4/1996 of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The regulation recognizes the institute as an autonomous public authority having its own legal personality and it is accountable to the Federal Ministry of Health.

The Institute conducts research on the caused and spread of diseases, nutrition, traditional medicine and medical practices and modern drugs and there by support the activities for the improvement of Health in the country;

It also contribute to the development of health science and technology, more over it has been given the mandate to serve as a referral medical laboratory services relating to the occurrence, causes prevent and diagnosis of major diseases of public health importance and to establish and support National Laboratory Quality Assurance programs and systems.

The state of art of laboratories equipped with hi-tech laboratory equipments.


The Institute secures average annual revenue of 25 million Birr and more than 20 million USD (in cash and in kind) from different donors.
Research outputs of the Institute as of 1995 E.C.

1. Infectious and other diseases Research more than 100 publications were published by different researchers
2. In the areas of Nutrition and Food science research more than 70 publications were published.

3. In the areas of drug Research more than 16 publications were published’
4. Currently there are about six grand projects which are on going and there are other projects which are on going.