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Recently, health, research ventures in Ethiopia have stated to be viewed as essential component of better health delivery system for improving the prevailing dismal health status and ensure general well being of the population. National research policies have been formulated, institutions with due power and capacity have been created to realize and implement those policy objectives, attempts are made to encourage and stimulate research experts by creating favorable carrier structure and incentives. Establishment of Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute (EHNRI) with its respective goals and objectives reflected in proclamation of the Council of Ministers No. 4/1996 is one of the major advances in this line.

There is very little epidemiological information available concerning, vital statistics, the distribution and determinants of major health problems, e.g, disease, disability and death in the population. Even existing data on these aspects is scare and largely unreliable, and it enables to make no more than an impression to be formed about its magnitude and influencing factors. Valid health information is crucial as the basis for effective decisions to improve health and general well being of the population. Therefore, it is justified for the government to show commitment to improve and develop health related research activities in the country.

Based on the existed appropriate health policies, research output from the institution contributes to wards the health sector development. Some of the policy terms, which guide research priorities and health intervention programs and strategies, are put as follows:

  • The control of communicable diseases, epidemics and disease related to malnutrition and poor living conditions;
  • The development of beneficial aspect of traditional medicine, including related research and its gradual integration into modern medicine;
  • Applied health research addressing the major health problems;
  • Strengthen research capacities of national institutions and scientist in collaboration with responsible agencies.
  • The emphasis given to research and commitment to wards its development is reflected in the Science and Technology policies, which outlined the government’s vision to:-
  • Establish system to support and encourage applied and basic science and research. Formulate mechanisms for speedy dissemination and application of research and development results.
  • Establish conducive working environment and appropriate career and promotion structure for scientists and researchers.
  • Encourage and support participation of Ethiopian scientists and researchers in national, regional and international conferences, seminars, symposium and workshops.

Since its inception about 70 years ago, the present Institute has contributed a lot for the improvement of public health and nutrition problems of the country in different names and organizational structures.

Based on the prevalence of health and nutrition problems and by taking public needs into considerations, the Institute had been setting different priority strategies at different times to address the public demands, Currently the Institute is focusing on priority disease research and strengthening the national public health laboratory services in the country. It is also the technical hand of the federal Ministry of Health.