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1.SERO is office of the secretariat for the institutional review board of Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI). The board reviews scientific validity and ethical acceptability of research project proposals in the area of health and nutrition,
2.Ensuring scientific and ethical integrity of ongoing and completed research projects,
3.Organizing scientific forums,
4.Serving as secretariat for the journal (Ethiopian Journal of Public Health and Nutrition), which is published by EPHI, and
5.Providing training on research ethics and research methodology.

Vision: Research integrity and quality is maintained to the highest possible standard in EPHI

1.Ensure ethical acceptability and scientific validity of research proposals,
2.Ensure adherence to ethical approval of research projects,
3.Disseminate research findings on health and nutrition,
4.Contribute in research data management, and
5.Provide short term training in the area of research methodology and ethics to researchers.

Major Activities:
1.Reviewing scientific validity and ethical acceptability of research project proposals from within and outside EPHI,
2.Monitoring and evaluation of ethically approved research projects,
3.Organizing the Third Scientific Congress of EPHI,
4.Serving as secretariat for preparation of manuscripts and publication of Ethiopian Journal of Public Health and Nutrition,
5.Respond effectively to allegations of research misconduct, and
6.Working on national and international accreditation of the IRB.

Contact Address
Telephone: 0118685515/ 0912100756/0911957161