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The National Laboratory Forum meeting which was organized by the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) in collaboration with the Amhara Region Public Health Institute was held from December 15-16, 2017 in Bahir Dar.
The objectives of the forum were to review laboratory program implementation status, experience sharing and discussion on challenges faced and solutions forthe way forward to improving the quality of laboratory services. And to update and approve NLF-TOR, selecting forum executives and updating current laboratory activities by all regions were some of the agendas of the National Laboratory Forum meeting.
“Is a great achievement that this forum has been started at national level. Laboratory services are the most important services in the health sector, in the past years it had its own limitations and the progress was veryslow. However in the past 15 to 17 years the service has shown remarkable improvements and major results have been recorded. As the service is expanding day by day, the challenges faced are also increasing. Thus all gathered here should play significant roles in improving the situation,” said Dr. Ebba Abate, Director General of EPHI.
Federal Ministry of Health, EPHI directors, RHB Representatives, Directors of Regional Public Health/Research Institutes
Heads of Regional Reference Laboratories, Defense Health Main Department, Federal Police Health Department, Federal Prison Health Department, University of School of Medical Laboratory Sciences (from all regions), University Hospital Laboratory Heads, PFSA Representatives Associations (EPHLA, EMLA, Private association), Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise, CDC-Ethiopia and partner organization such asICAP-E, Challenge TB,CHAI, PHSP have participated on the forum meeting.