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EFDRE Ministry of Health’s Minister Prof. Yifiru Birhan held a discussion with the Ethiopian Public Health Institute’s (EPHI) Management Team on the general performance of the Institute in the Ministry’s meeting hall on October 3, 2017.
On the discussion Dr. Ebba Abate, General Director of EPHI presented the six months performance report of the Institute. After the report the Minister expressed his positive impression towards the Institute and has gained further knowledge about EPHI from the report.
“The Institute should work giving emphasis to major concerns of the country that bring about positive change. By equipping itself with qualified professionals, the Institute must contribute its part by delivering quality outputs for the country’s policy and strategy. To mention is working on to produce medical related supplies locally instead of importing and also expanding the Institute’s services out of Addis Ababa,” said Minister Prof. Yifiru.
Finally questions, suggestions and comments were raised from EPHI’s Management Team and were addressed accordingly by the Minister.