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The Health System Research Directorate of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute disseminates research findings on a workshop conducted in Adama from October 5 to 6, 2015.

The workshop, in addition to disseminating the findings of the researches was also aimed at establishing the network among concerned stakeholders and creates holistic approach to strengthen the health system in Ethiopia.  Not only that,  it also gave emphasis to the identification of priority health systems research agenda within the context of EPHI's next five years SPM and establish working relationship for research collaboration with academia, RHB and other stakeholders, the workshop organizers disclosed.

During the opening session of the workshop, Dr. Yebeltal Assefa, D/Director General of EPHI said that the workshop would also help to assess existing gaps in the utilization of research outputs by health care practitioners, program managers and policy makers.   

The dissemination workshop has attracted regional bureau officials, researchers from different universities and institutions and representatives of health development partners who also contributed to intended workshop’s objectives.