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The Ethiopian Public Health Institute conducts a consultative and dissemination workshop in collaboration with Stakeholders and partners on HIV and TB research agenda and research findings from April 22 to 24, 2015 at Axum Hotel, Mekelle, Tigray National Regional State.

According to the workshop's organizers, the workshop is conducted to disseminate the research findings, survey and surveillance results and to discuss( consult) on the proposed national research agenda of HIV and TB, and the national road map for HIV survey and surveillance activities in the coming five years.

Dr.Yibeltal Assefa Deputy Director General of Ethiopian Public Health Institute before his opening speech  has requested the participants to express their condolence with a minute's silence for Ethiopian brothers, who were beheaded and shot by ISIS terrorists in Libya last week. Following this, Dr.Yibeltal said that the Ethiopian public health Institute is mandated to generate scientific evidences that support the priority disease prevention and control programs and strategies of the country; and also  to support and build the capacity of regional (health bureaus) and health laboratories.

Dr.Yibeltal has also acknowledged the financial and logistics support provided for HIV and TB research by the  Federal Ministry of Health, Federal HIV/AIDS prevention and Control Office, CDC-Ethiopia, WHO, Clinton Health Access Initiative, ICAP,  Management Science for Health, Challenge TB, BD and  Roche.

 MR. Hagos Godefay, Head of the Tigray National Regional State Health Bureau, Dr. Alankar Malviya Acting Country Director of UNAIDS and Dr. Esther Aceng WHO's representative have delivered their welcoming and key note addresses respectively.

Dr. Desta Kassa Director of the HIV/and TB Research Directorate in the Ethiopian Public Health Institute has briefed the participants about the overall goal of the consultative and dissemination workshop on HIV and TB research findings and research agendas.  In his briefing Dr. Desta has also said the three days workshop will focus on six major areas of discussion points with  major areas  panel discussion. "At the end of workshop, the national road maps of HIV and TB prevention and control programs would be discussed'' Dr. Desta said.

The  workshop was grouped into six thematic areas: General( HIV and TB programs in Ethiopia); HIV and related diseases survey and surveillance in Ethiopia; Research findings; Evaluation of HIV and TB diagnostics; External quality assessment; and National road maps ( HIV survey and surveillance; HIV and TB research. service upgrade). 

The work shop has attracted about 300 participants representing House of Representatives of Social Affairs Standing committee, Federal Ministry of Health, Federal level Institutions, Regional Health Bureaus, Universities and Stakeholders.