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The 4th cohort residents graduate in Field Epidemiology from the Addis Ababa University, School of Public Health on 12 July, 2014.
According to Dr. Zegeye Hailemariam, Coordinator of the Ethiopian Field Epidemiology Program, EFETP, it was 75 residents that have graduated this year, among which 12 were male and four female. It is reported that among the graduates of this year, three are from EPHI.
“The graduates are expected to give hands to the Public Health Emergency Management, PHEM system of the Ethiopian Ministry of Health through undertaking surveillance, outbreak investigation and emergency management and it is one of the health sector’s achievements in deploying competent public health professionals to the system” said Dr. Zegeye
The Ethiopian FETP, which operates under the lead of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute, is a program that is being implemented in collaboration with the Addis Ababa University, School of Public Health and the Ethiopian Public Health Association. The Program that was established in 2009 and launched the first cohort of its 13 trainees at the same year has able to retain above 60 graduates throughout its above four years journey.